A true coverup doesn’t just mean placing any image over the old one.

Our goal for your cover up tattoo is to beautifully conceal your old tattoo making it extremely difficult, if not impossible to see the old tattoo. Because of this, certain colors and types of images may not work well as a cover up. For instance, you would not want to attempt to cover a green leaf with an image with lots of light colors. Often times, deeper, richer colors and images with lots of lines and textures make for good cover up ideas.

You may need to have a larger area of your skin tattooed with your cover up piece in order to fully conceal your old tattoo. If you do not tattoo a larger area than what was previously tattooed, there is a very high likelihood that your old tattoo will be very visible through the new one.

At American Classic, we have artists that have extensively studied the art of camouflaging and concealing old tattoos with new ones. We take your experience and your end result very seriously and are committed to providing you with great results. Come see us when you’re ready to get the best tattoo cover up in the area! When it comes to planning your cover up, more is more. Our cover up artists love to see multiple references and ideas. This helps our artists navigate your ideas and allows them to provide you the best outcome for your cover-up.

Below you will find information regarding our policy on custom artwork and appointments.
We cannot give price quotes online or over the phone, and large pieces that require more than one session will be charged by the hour. It is our policy to collect a deposit when booking an appointment.  Deposits must be paid in cash, and no appointment may be set without one. If you would like to set up an appointment, please stop by the shop with any reference material you may have.

Your deposit amount will vary depending on the work you are getting done.
$60 Deposit– pieces that can be completed in one sitting
$100 Deposit – rib panels, arm/leg half sleeve, chest panels
$200 Deposit – full arm/leg sleeve
$400 Deposit – back pieces or anything larger
**All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE**

Deposits are applied to the price of the tattoo and will be deducted on the LAST sitting on the last hour of the tattoo session. Our hourly rate is $150.00 an hour. For clients who are traveling, please call the shop for more information on deposits.
Clients who do not give the proper 48 hours notice of rescheduling, or who cancel their appointment altogether will forfeit the entire deposit and must make another deposit in order to set up any more time with an artist.